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Welcome to our Agent Partnership & Allegiance Connection website! A.P.A.C. is a program that was launched in 2011 in order to show our commitment to the Realtor Community. Woodland Homes places a tremendous value on the outside realtor community because we receive more than 65% our sales from outstanding Realtors around the Tennessee Valley. Please register your clients here so you can alert our onsite agents that you have a client coming through our model homes.


Woodland Homes is excited to enter the 3rd year of our Agent Partnership & Allegiance Connection (A.P.A.C.) Program. Simply Put: A.P.A.C. is a program developed and specifically tailored for Realtors who have sold Woodland Homes, and are familiar with our homes, processes and people.

The A.P.A.C. Program is a partnership for all Realtors.

  • No one knows how to sell a Woodland Home better than you
  • We recognize you have the key ingredient
  • To grow your trust, and create a partnership between our company and yours 


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